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The beautiful Palouse region overflows with interesting locations and fun things to do. Here are just a few of the activities, destinations and diversions that can be found in and around the city of Palouse.

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Go Back in Time at the Roy M. Chatters Newspaper and Printing Museum

Located in downtown Palouse, this is a remarkable piece of local printing history featuring a flatbed printing press, Linotype machines, Chandler job presses and most everything once used to produce a newspaper. Some items date back to 1898.

Get All Wet at the Palouse Pool

Water and fun right in our own backyard! The Palouse Pool, located in downtown Palouse next to the city park, is a wonderful place to spend those hot summer afternoons.

Paddle the Palouse River

Float on down our own scenic Palouse River. Get your feet wet and take a look at our beautiful region from a totally new perspective.

Commune with Nature on Kamiak Butte

Kamiak Butte is a beautiful 298-acre natural area just a few miles south of Palouse. It is host to over 130 bird species (both migratory and permanent), more than 170 plant species, and upwards of 30 mammal species, including this hungry visitor.

Head Outdoors to our Wonderful State Parks

There are several Washington State Parks in this region, including scenic Steptoe Butte and beautiful Palouse Falls. Follow the link to see information about Washington State parks.

Hit the Road on the Palouse Scenic Byway

Take a leisurely day's drive through the 208 miles of the beautiful Palouse countryside that has been designated as the Palouse Scenic Byway. Explore the eleven communities along the byway – each has its own distinct history and charm and is well worth a visit.

Dig for Mammoth Bones at the Palouse Discovery Science Center

The Palouse Discovery Science Center in Pullman has a full spectrum of programs that include live science demonstrations, hands-on lessons, films, lectures, classes, field trips, summer camps, laboratory experiences, teacher workshops, science birthdays, and outreach services. Stop by and see for yourself what science is all about.

Get the Stuffing Scared Out Of You at Haunted Palouse

Downtown Palouse gets very strange every October during the week of Halloween. People gather from near and far to scare and to be scared. If the goblins don't get you, the chainsaw massacre will!

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