City of Palouse
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Palouse City Hall
East 120 Main Street
PO Box 248
Palouse, WA 99161-0248
Monday thru Friday
8:00am - noon,
1:00pm - 5:00pm

City of Palouse Water Quality

Powerpoint Slideshows presented to the City of Palouse
by the Department of Ecology on May 22, 2014:

Other late Department of Ecology documentation:

Current DOE Permit information:

Brownfield Site

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Palouse 2016
Zoning Map

2010-2012 State Financial Audit
2010-2012 State Accountability Audit

Mayor Michael Echanove
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Michael Echanove

Phone Numbers

  • City Hall -- 509-878-1811
  • Police Department -- 509-878-1611 -- For Emergencies dial 911
  • Fire Chief -- 509-878-1811 -- For Emergencies dial 911
  • Maintenance Supervisor -- 509-878-1811 -- 509-878-1345 (Shop)
    After hours emergencies -- 509-595-8670
  • Building Inspector -- 509-592-3870

City Council Meetings:   Links to City Council Meeting Minutes, updated weekly

Planning Commission:   Planning Commission meetings at City Hall
First Tuesday of every month, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
The public is welcome!


City Officials

  Michael Echanove Mayor
  Mike Bagott Treasurer/Clerk
  Ann Thompson Deputy Clerk
  Jerry Neumann Chief of Police
  Mike Bagott Fire Chief
  Dwayne Griffin Public Works Superintendent
  Don Myott Waste Treatment Operator  
  Marc Arrasmith Parks and Grounds  
  Dan Gladwill Building Inspector
  Bishop Law Office City Attorney  

City Council Members

  Senja Estes Parks, Cemetery & Buildings
  Doreen Hanson Policy & Administration
  Mike Hicks Streets & Sidewalks
  Christopher Langsett Finance, Property & Equipment
  Bev Pearce Personnel & Pool
  Rick Wekenman Police, Fire & Safety


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